Custom moldings can really make your wine cellar look nice or amazing. Moldings will pull together wood racks and create those beautiful finishing details for a custom wine room. Using crown molding to attach decorated wood pieces to the top of wood wine racks that will meet the ceiling above it, helps to disguise any gaps between the racks and the ceiling. It also makes it look like a built in product. Base moldings will do the opposite. They will also serve to hide base platforms that will elevate your wine racks off the floor. Using platinum moldings to go along with your platinum wine cellar allows you to use the various woods and stains we have to offer.

Platinum Custom Moldings

Base Molding

Crown 2 piece molding

Crown 1 piece molding

Custom designed base and crown moldings for your wine cellar. Wine cellar moldings finish off the room nicely & help blend in any gaps between the wine racks and the ceiling & flooring.