Individual bottle wine storage is the most popular style of wine racking. These wine racks come single or double deep with spacing for half bottles, wine, champagne, magnums and larger sizes.

Individual Wine Bottle Storage

Using individual wine rack bottle slots lets each bottle of wine have a unique spot in your wine storage cellar. We have so many different options to look at but our favorite is when you use a wine bottle display row in your wine bottle racks. When you have a high reveal display it turns your individual wine racks into a work of art. Having a high reveal really helps the wine rack angle or wine bottle storage angle for display and storage of your wines. It's also handy to be able to view your wine labels to recognize your wine. Many wine rack stores use individual wine racking for storage of their wine, or will also use a wine shelf. 

For larger bottles or double deep wine racks, we have a few different options. If you have larger bottles, we have our magnum wine racks which are large wine racks to hold the bigger bottles for magnum wine cellars. Other times, people may purchase a champagne rack and use it somewhere else. We often get the question "how deep is a wine rack?" because people can get concerned about depth. We have many different options but when you purchase double deep wine racks you are doubling the depth of your wine storage. How deep should a wine rack be? Definitely deep enough to hold the wine bottle and it depends on the area where you are storing them. Many clients enjoy having single deep and double deep individual wine bottle storage racks for different ways of storage. We have many options for you but you can be assured you are not purchasing cheap wine racks at Wine Cellar Innovations. These are sturdy, well made, and will keep your wines safe. 

Earthquake resistant wine racks are designed with a 6 1/2 degree angle sloped to the rear which is mounted against the wall. In the event of an earthquake, the wine bottles will naturally come to rest against the wall.