Platinum Custom Corners & Curves

Corners are one of the most difficult sections to master in a wine cellar because there are so many different options in wine holders but also how your room is laid out. Sometime's it's easiest to simply purchase a corner wine rack but if you have an odd shaped wine room, you may have to go with custom wine rack plans. There are many ways we can design a corner but using slanted wine racks, angled wine racks, or simply making corner wine storage using some display shelves are all potential options. Some designs will make use of a square rack with a 90 degree angle. There are many options. We also receive requests for wine shop design in restaurant and wine stores because designing a custom wine room definitely takes planning. We are happy to help.

Curved corner wine racks allow your wine cellar to flow around the room with no sharp corners. Spacing is individual bottle storage for wine or champagne.