Platinum Bulk Storage

Bulk wine storage wine racks allow you to utilize your space more efficiently. Wine bottles are typically stored horizontally in a bin or cube. Wooden wine case storage is also available.

Diamond bins are a versatile wine rack that can fit multiple sizes of wine bottles. They have been known to go well in a closet wine cellar, as well as look fabulous in any wine cellar setting as they are great wine rack dividers or open wine racks. There are multiple types of diamond bins as you can see. We have a few favorites but it simply depends on what you want in your wine cellar. Your wine cellar can be place anywhere but to create a passive storage place, an ideal spot is a basement wine cellar. There are many more fantastic options to add to your wine cellar such as pull out wine shelves, waterfall wine racks, and more. 

We often get the question of how to build a diamond wine rack, or how build a do-it-yourself DIY diamond wine rack. Our factory in Ohio creates all the wood to the perfect dimensions and then sends it to you for installation. By taking advantage of our bulk purchase of wood, you can create the perfect open wine rack and wine bottle dividers with our diamond cabinet dimensions. This solid diamond bin wine rack was designed to add some flare to your wine cellar. Each diamond wine rack bin holds up to 9 magnums, 12 champagnes or 16 standard wine bottles. Diamond bin wine racks can be manufactured with solid wood sides, and without front facing trim, however it is available. Many people find it easier to purchase one of our Wine Rack Kit series diamond bin wine rack plans because it's cost affordable and we many many assembly videos. In any case, if you are looking for an open wine rack or wine bottle shelf dividers, we would be more than happy to help you. Be sure to contact us for a free design for your wine room.