Highlight and showcase your wine bottles with our expansive selection of custom wine display options. Wine displays allow you to show off your prized wine labels.

Archways & Glass Racks

A clear favorite, people usually gravitate toward archways or glass racks. A traditional wine cellar archway is typically for showcasing some beautiful wine artwork or wine cellar paintings. There are many different types of archways, as you can see above. The type of archway you install is dependent on your budget and personal taste. We won't sell you a cheap wine rack here at Wine Cellar Innovations. We are all about the quality and durability of our redwood wine racks and other wood species. If you are looking for a glass rack, you may be looking for a functional wine cellar. We love all the different ways you can build a wine room. We also have very popular wall mounted wine racks, as well as unique wine racks that go well with our wood installations or wood species. Please don't hesitate to contact us for a free design. We would love to help you with your wine storage needs.