​​Gold Series tables available for custom wine cellars.

Individual Bottle Storage

​​Individual bottle wine storage is the most popular style of wine racking. These wine racks come single or double deep with spacing for half bottles, wine, champagne, magnums and larger sizes.

Wine Displays

​​Gold Series custom wine displays for your custom wine cellar.

Gold Custom Series Wine Racks

Gold Series custom wine racks offers a variety of racking styles specifically focusing on the economical use of 1x2 open construction.

Gold Wine Racking Options

Bulk, Diamond Bin, & Case Storage

Gold Series bulk wine storage options available for custom wine cellars.

Decorative Accents

​​Gold Series decorative accents for custom wine cellars.


​​Gold Series moldings and trim available for custom wine cellars.

Corners & Curves

Gold Series corner wine racks and curved wine racks available for custom wine cellars.

• premium redwood and rustic pine                        • custom cabinetry integration
• wide variety of rack styles available                    • full 13 1/2" - depth
• glass enclosed wine cellars                                • wine, champagne, magnums & larger
• angled curved corners                                       • raised panel ceilings, murals, flooring, entryways
• fixed shelves for wood cases